NeuroKyma is a leader start-up in brain data processing. We are specialized in the analysis of electrical brain signals, the electroencephalography (EEG), whether in cognitive or clinical neurosciences. We strive to make working with EEG very easy, even enjoyable! On the one hand, by converting the EEG signals (almost impossible to understand and interpret visually) into a 3D brain networks that are easy to understand and to quantify for everyone. On the other hand, we want to break down the barriers between researchers and the EEG analysis. We will transform EEG data analysis into stress-free and accessible for non-specialists, through our services’ packages that include a wide-range of EEG data analysis.

some key benefits of neurokyma services

automatic noise reduction

clinical applications

3d visualization

dynamic information

group level analysis

general ease-of-use

we can work with

Contract Research Organization (CRO) and pharmaceutical industry

NeuroKyma offers the possibility to accurately test the effect of the drugs on brain activity and networks during clinical trials...

Research Centers

NeuroKyma proposes services to research centers that seek to use EEG in their experiments...


We are also excited and ready to collaborate with private and public entities that aim at using EEG in their projects...