Neuromarkers as objective and reliable measurement tools in clinical studies

Stratify your patients and identify their dysfunctional brain networks with our neuromarkers


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Why NeuroKyma ?

Neurological disorders are the leading cause of disability in the world. More than one billion people are affected, or one in 8.

Growing needs...

In 2020, in the world

0 M.
50 million people affected worldwide*.
0 M.
of people affected by Alzheimer's
0 M.
of people affected by Parkinson's
+ 1 %
each year
1 billion of $
global costs according to the WHO

our vision

Convinced of the contribution of neuroscience in many fields of activity, the company’s goal is to disseminate its usage and allow the objectification of brain function thanks to the associated neuromarkers.

Advanced electroencephalogram analysis for clinical studies

Assessment of drug effects based on the quantification of brain signals and networks

Development of specific neuromarkers for normal and pathological brain activity.

Technologies & applications

Our mission is therefore to deliver, using artificial intelligence techniques including machine learning, a new disruptive neuroimaging method to design and produce neuromarkers.

The technology

The proposed technology is based on high-resolution electroencephalographic recordings, which allows the functioning networks of the cerebral cortex to be visualised under optimal conditions.
Using Data Science and AI, the NeuroKyma solution is able to image the dynamics of the brain networks involved in a short task with excellent spatial and temporal resolution (in the millisecond range).
NeuroKyma’s know-how and technology are key enablers to generate markers of neurological and psychiatric disorders (neuromarkers).


In the context of clinical trials conducted by CROs and the pharmaceutical industry, the neuromarkers developed by NeuroKyma’s teams allow to :
– Stratify patients and improve their selection by characterizing inclusion and exclusion criteria
– To have objective and reliable measurements for therapeutic follow-up by identifying patient responses by visualizing brain networks.

About us

NeuroKyma is the result of a meeting in 2019 between Jean-Noël Brémont and Fabrice Wendling, which now brings together a team of signal processing engineers, researchers and neuroscientists. NeuroKyma’s goal is to develop a new neuroimaging technology based on high spatial resolution electroencephalography (HS-EEG) that allows the visualisation of brain networks activated at rest or during the execution of a cognitive task.

Jean-Noël Brémont


Fabrice Wendling

Research Director, INSERM, France

Our partners

The project was initiated within the LTSI (Signal and Image Processing Laboratory, INSERM) under the direction of Fabrice Wendling. 10 years of research has enabled us to validate the results obtained using a method known as source connectivity.

Measure the impact of your products and solutions

Since 2021, NeuroKyma’s know-how has been of interest to participants in sectors associated with the medical field, in particular the cosmetics-nutrition, cognitive remediation and sports sectors. For these actors, we develop adapted emotional, olfactory and sensory neuromarkers.
These applications use a classic EEG, which is easier to use, and allow the characterization of the emotional experience of a product.