Objectively measure the effect of your products with our emotional, sensory and cognitive neuromarkers.

Validate the emotional benefit of your products and solutions


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Kymascore® applications

For the wellness, cosmetics and nutrition industry, a better understanding of the sensory and emotional benefits associated with the application of a product from the development process is a valuable asset. Our emotional, olfactory and sensory neuromarkers allow you to optimize the customer experience by meeting the new expectations of the consumer.


Develop products that meet the sensory expectations of your consumers by evaluating the emotions induced by the presentation of a fragrance or the application of a product.


Objectivation of brain signals following the intake of food supplements (i.e. "anti-stress") and validate the well-being benefit.


Determination of neuromarkers for cognitive remediation and mental preparation of athletes (Multiple players tracking).

Cognitive remediation

Monitoring the cognitive and emotional well-being of older adults. The use of a complete solution makes it possible to measure their cognitive state by the realization of neuromarkers.

Our technology

Our technology is extremely versatile and today meets the highest requirements of medical research. We provide innovative solutions expressing the need for objective analysis of behaviour.

In this context, we use classic electroencephalography equipment. By combining our experience and the expertise developed in the field of medical research, we are able to develop emotional and sensory neuromarkers adapted to the needs of our clients.

NeuroKyma provides unprecedented objective elements of product benefit characterisation to optimise the success of new products.

Your problem, our solution


The launch of new cosmetic products requires adapting to the evolution of consumer expectations.

Developing safe and effective products is the daily leitmotiv of all players in the cosmetics/nutrition industry.

The data collected by the EEG combined with our custom-designed neuromarkers can validate the emotional benefit of your products. They provide essential information for the design of new innovative products as well as for the improvement of existing lines.

They contribute to optimizing the holistic sensory and emotional experience for a global “Well-Being” benefit meeting the new expectations of the consumer!

Our protocol :

Icone définition des objectifs de recherche

1. Validation of the objectives

Support and assistance of our teams for the design of the study according to the "product" benefit and claims.

2. Adaptation of the protocol :

- Answers to customer needs
- Definition of the complementarity of EEG neuromarkers evaluated with other associated biomarkers (EMG, ECG, GSR, ...) .

3. Algorithm development:

Automation of the analysis of the different EEG recordings in order to optimize the interpretation of the cerebral activity and to extract informative elements.

Icône création du KymaScore

4. Determining the Kymascore

The calculation carried out allows us to determine a Kymascore in oder to qualify the emotional benefits of the product being tested

Customized applications

Our custom-designed neuromarkers, derived from EEG data collection, can validate the emotional benefit of your products or solutions.

About us

NeuroKyma is the result of a meeting in 2019 between Jean-Noël Brémont and Fabrice Wendling, which now brings together a team of signal processing engineers, researchers and neuroscientists. NeuroKyma’s goal is to develop a new neuroimaging technology based on high spatial resolution electroencephalography (HS-EEG) that allows the visualisation of brain networks activated at rest or during the execution of a cognitive task.

Jean-Noël Brémont


Fabrice Wendling

Research Director, INSERM, France

Our partners

The project was initiated within the LTSI (Signal and Image Processing Laboratory, INSERM) under the direction of Fabrice Wendling. 10 years of research has enabled us to validate the results obtained using a method known as source connectivity.

Neuromarkers as objective and reliable measurement tools in clinical studies

In the context of clinical trials conducted by CROs and the pharmaceutical industry, the neuromarkers developed by NeuroKyma’s teams allow to : 

– stratify patients and improve their selection by characterizing inclusion and exclusion criteria.

– to have objective and reliable measurements for therapeutic follow-up by identifying patient responses by visualizing brain networks.