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Japanese styles continue to influence the men’s fashion industry this season, particularly when it comes to casual and streetwear. This is a trend that first started with the rise of the Japanese souvenir jacket, and now it is the kimono that is taking centre stage as the hottest item that every man should have in his wardrobe.

The kimono is an important and traditional piece of Japanese culture, as well as this season’s hottest trend. Both men and women are jumping on this and adding kimono styles to their wardrobes.

Adding a kimono shirt to your wardrobe is the perfect way to inject a relaxed, ethnic inspired signature look perfect for attracting attention for all the right reasons. However, because it is such a statement piece in its own right, you should aim to keep the rest of your outfit simple.

The fluid kimono style shirt can be worn either on its own or as an over shirt during all seasons. If you choose to wear your shirt over a tee, then opt for one that is slim fitting and in either black or white. This will balance out the looser, freer flowing nature of the shirt that you are wearing.

If you’re looking for some celebrity style inspiration then look to Kanye West, who is a big fan of the kimono shirt and wears them often. Kanye chooses to wear his open over a crisp white shirt with a crew neck, paired with chic straight-legged black jeans and his favourite black Chelsea boots. The overall look is fashion-forward but understated, and incredibly versatile. This is a look that is easy to pull off, and one that would suit men of all heights and builds.